RTC Services

Following you thought all your real estate process on the Mexican Caribbean coast is our business. Our experienced advisors team spends their time on the ground in housing and land markets all across the Riviera Maya. Their work in the field helps executives make great decisions and maximizes profitability. Our main objective is to reduce the effort, time, risk and money our clients have to spend in finding the best asset in the region.

Any real estate broker can probably get the land or the property sold. But at RTC, it’s not just about closing the deal. It’s about creating value, solving problems and helping you seize real estate market opportunities. We believe in creating successful relationships that go beyond the transaction, and our clients recognize the difference by coming back when it is time to sell or buy another asset.

We make sure you’re “in the loop” throughout the process, and we work hard to ensure even the smallest project receives the same level of attention as any other. Our enthusiasm for delivering results and our depth of resources means you’ll always receive the best guidance for your situation, even if it means walking away from an opportunity.

Working with RTC, you can be confident that your near or long-term interests are always in sight and that you’re working with professionals who are committed to making a difference in our industry and in our communities.

General Key Points

  • Global management of your Real Estate requirement through our expert brokers
  • Residential and Commercial assets
  • Bulk Land sales
  • Market Analysis
  • On-going portfolio review
  • Legal guarantee