As one of the world’s premium vacation destinations, Cancun offers some real estate investment, development and relocation opportunities. People have been investing in this city since the 70’s, and continue to see interesting returns. .

This city enjoys a healthy nightlife with great clubs and an abundance of entertainment possibilities. You’ll also find a wide array of restaurants and pubs offering both Mexican and international cuisine. There are also numerous golf courses and other outdoor activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing and speed boating. Cancun Mexico real estate is the perfect option for those who are looking to enjoy an active adult lifestyle during their off-time.

From 1989 to date, Cancun has been the nation’s most dynamic city. It contributes a large percentage of Mexico’s tourism-related revenue and accounts for much of Quintana Roo’s gross domestic product. There are currently more than 600,000 inhabitants in the urban area. 

It is the Caribbean’s premier destination, surpassing even the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. In 2021, Cancun had approximately 47,000 hotel rooms. However, please note that this number is subject to change as new hotels are built and existing ones undergo renovations.

Cancun is a popular tourist destination located on the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It has become an attractive place for investment due to its natural beauty, strategic location, and thriving tourism industry. Here’s some information about why Cancun is a place to invest and a brief history of the town:

  1. Tourism Industry: Cancun is renowned for its stunning white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant nightlife. It attracts millions of visitors each year, making tourism the primary economic driver of the region. The city offers a wide range of accommodations, from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly hotels, and provides various recreational activities like water sports, eco-tourism, and archaeological sites.
  2. Strategic Location: Situated in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cancun benefits from its proximity to popular attractions like the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Chichen Itza, and Coba. It serves as a gateway to the Riviera Maya, a stretch of coastline known for its beautiful beaches, cenotes (natural sinkholes), and diverse marine life. Additionally, Cancun has excellent air connectivity, with an international airport that welcomes flights from major cities worldwide.
  3. Infrastructure Development: Over the years, Cancun has witnessed significant infrastructure development to cater to its growing tourism industry. The city offers modern amenities, including well-maintained roads, a reliable transportation system, world-class resorts, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. This infrastructure development has made it an appealing destination for investment.
  4. Economic Stability: Mexico, including Cancun, has experienced relative economic stability, with a focus on attracting foreign investment. The Mexican government has implemented policies and initiatives to encourage business growth and provide a favorable investment climate. In addition to tourism, the region’s economy has diversified into other sectors such as real estate, retail, and services.

Brief History: Cancun’s history as a town is relatively recent. Prior to the 1970s, the area was sparsely populated and mainly inhabited by fishermen and Mayan communities. Recognizing its potential as a tourist destination, the Mexican government began developing Cancun as a purpose-built resort city in 1970. The area’s natural beauty, with its pristine beaches and proximity to ancient Mayan ruins, contributed to its appeal.

The government invested in infrastructure, building hotels, resorts, and supporting facilities to attract tourists. Cancun’s first hotel, the Playa Blanca, opened in 1974, and the city quickly gained popularity among travelers from around the world. Since then, Cancun has experienced continuous growth, with ongoing development to accommodate the increasing number of visitors and investors.

Today, Cancun is a thriving city, offering a blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and a vibrant tourism industry. Its popularity as a vacation destination and its strategic location make it an attractive place for investment in various sectors, including hospitality, real estate, and services.