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July 28 2020 Country-Specific Information: Mexico confirmed 395,489 positive cases of COVID-19 within its borders as of July 27.  Authorities continue to investigate additional suspected cases.  The Mexican Ministry of Health (Spanish) publishes daily updates on the number of cases. On April 21, the Mexican government announced the start of Phase 3 of the pandemic, meaning widespread community…

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Mexico’s President-elect proposes Cancun-Palenque train

Mexico’s President-elect proposes Cancun-Palenque train WASHINGTON POST SOURCE By Mark Stevenson | APAugust 13 at 12:04 AM MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s president-elect wants to bring tourism revenues to remote and forgotten stretches of Mexico, but some are scratching their heads at his main proposal: to build a $3.2 billion train that would run from the resort of Cancun…

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KiteCamp @Las Casitas El Cuyo

      One week of wind, kite lessons, kite clinics, excursions, ambiental talks, bonfire nights, lots of kite progression and much more at one of Mexico’s Top Kiteboarding Destination EL CUYO, YUCATAN! Living the lifestyle of a kiter and creating memories that will last forever! …. Una semana de viento, clases de kite, clínicas,…

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