Magnificent 1,195-Hectare Ranch nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Yucatán

$3,983,000 USD



Type: Ranch
Lot Size : 11 950 000 sqm
Asking Price : $ 6 MXN per sqm

Introducing a magnificent 1,195-hectare ranch nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Tizimín, Yucatán.

Welcome to this sprawling oasis of possibilities, where vast opportunities await those with a discerning vision. Set amidst the captivating beauty of Tizimín, this expansive ranch showcases the epitome of grandeur and tranquility.

Spanning across 1,195 hectares, this exceptional property presents a canvas of endless potential. Immerse yourself in the sheer magnitude of this impressive estate, as it invites you to explore its diverse and captivating features.

Nestled within its borders, you’ll discover a harmonious blend of pristine Arab lands and flourishing pastures, spanning an impressive expanse of 660 hectares. With a remarkable 75% pasture coverage, this idyllic setting beckons those seeking to embark on thriving agricultural ventures or elevate their livestock operations to new heights.

The remaining 535 hectares encompass a tapestry of natural wonders, including picturesque landscapes and arable forests. Unlock the secrets of these untamed lands and unveil the limitless possibilities they hold, whether through sustainable cultivation, nature conservation, or eco-friendly development projects.

This prestigious ranch is not only blessed with natural beauty but also boasts essential modern infrastructure. Seamlessly woven into its fabric, you’ll find a meticulously planned network of roads, stretching over 7 kilometers, allowing effortless access to every corner of the estate. The power of innovation flows through the veins of this property, with 3,000 meters of high-tension power lines running gracefully from east to west, and an additional 1,000 meters of medium-tension lines elegantly extending from north to south, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

As you embark on your journey through this captivating ranch, you’ll encounter a hidden gem—a remarkable open cenote, gracing the landscape with its awe-inspiring presence. Delight in the splendor of this natural marvel, with a generous diameter of 60 meters, offering a serene sanctuary for relaxation and contemplation.

Water, an invaluable resource, is abundant within this estate. Eight strategically positioned water wells, drawing from the pristine first water table, provide a reliable and sustainable source of hydration for your agricultural and commercial aspirations. The potential for growth and prosperity is boundless, as these wells become the lifeblood of your ventures.

While certain elements of the ranch may require restoration, such as the corral facilities, the lush pastures yearn for revitalization, inviting you to breathe new life into their fertile soils. Additionally, a small yet promising structure awaits transformation into a beacon of luxury or a testament to architectural excellence.

Envisioned as a haven for those seeking an extraordinary opportunity, this remarkable ranch is priced at an enticing rate of $6 Mexican pesos per square meter. Immerse yourself in the possibilities, seize the chance to create a legacy, and embrace the unrivaled potential that lies within the borders of this extraordinary estate.

Note: The price mentioned is $6 Mexican pesos per square meter.

A vast ranch with 20 years of land rest. Private property with the following characteristics:

  • Located in Tizimín, with 3,000 meters along the road towards Colonia Yucatán.
  • Total area of 1,195 hectares.
  • 660 hectares of Arab land with 75% pasture coverage.
  • 280 hectares of pasture land.
  • 255 hectares of arable forest.
  • 3,000 meters of high-voltage power lines from east to west.
  • 1,000 meters of medium-voltage power lines from north to south.
  • 7 kilometers of dirt roads within the ranch.
  • 1 open cenote with a diameter of 60 meters.
  • 8 water wells reaching the first water table.
  • Corrals in need of reconstruction.
  • Abundant pastures ready for revitalization.
  • Small construction on the property. Price: $6 Mexican pesos per square meter.


  1. Vast Size: This macrolot offers an extensive land area of 1,195 hectares, providing ample space for various purposes such as agriculture, livestock farming, or eco-tourism development.
  2. Strategic Location: Situated in Tizimín, with easy access from the road towards Colonia Yucatán, the property benefits from its convenient location, making it accessible for transportation and potential commercial activities.
  3. Diverse Land Types: With a combination of Arab land, pastures, and arable forest, the macrolot presents diverse opportunities for agricultural cultivation, livestock grazing, and potential timber resources.
  4. Existing Infrastructure: The ranch features infrastructure like high-voltage and medium-voltage power lines, dirt roads, water wells, and a cenote. These existing amenities can save time and costs for future development projects.
  5. Natural Resources: The presence of abundant pastures, a cenote, and access to water wells provides valuable natural resources that can be utilized for agriculture, livestock watering, and potential recreational activities.
  6. Investment Potential: Considering the size, location, and existing infrastructure, the macrolot holds potential for both long-term investment and development projects, offering opportunities for various sectors such as agriculture, tourism, or real estate.


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